Why Eat Organic?2015-08-28T04:41:41+00:00

The advantages of eating organic food are abundant. Organic food is grown and processed without the use of any genetically modified organisms (GMOs), chemicals or unnecessary pesticides.

What is the Australian Certified Organic Bud?

Having the Australian Certified Organic symbol on a product will guarentee that all of the ingredients in the product are exactly that – organic. It is also a consumers guarentee of organic integrity.

The organic certification program was established approximately 30 years ago to ensure consumers that was is being claimed organic is actually that – organic. Having such a certification on products requires an independant team or assessors to check and ensure that the production chain from farm to shelf are compliant with rules and regulations set by the organic community. If a product claims to be organic but does not carry the certification, you cannot be sure that it is actually organic as it is claimed. All certified organic products also contain a unique number for each individual product along with a code with which the product can be traced back to the point of origin.